Sprig - Beverage - Zero Sugar Citrus 12oz

UPC: 853444008015

Category: Beverages

Description: Sprig CBD Citrus Zero Sugar offers the same great taste as Citrus Original, but with only 5 calories! Made with natural sweeteners, Citrus Zero Sugar is sure to make you smile more. Each of our CBD beverages is crafted with 20mg of the highest quality, all-natural CBD, derived from hemp. Sprig is ideal for healthy, active individuals. Ingredients Carbonated water, erythritol, grapefruit extract, citric acid, gum arabic, stevia, CBD, fruit & vegetable juice for color, beta carotene Other Important Tidbits Sprig beverages are non-caffeinated. Sprig beverages contain 0% THC.

  • Potencies: 0  THC| 0  CBD