Lobo Hemp - Pre Roll - Wolfpack - Lifter 7pk - 1.2g

UPC: 860001851779

Category: Hemp Flower

Description: Always roll with a pack. The Hemp Wolfpack features 7 premium hemp flower joints and locked and loaded for anything and everything the week (or weekend) has to throw at you. Over a gram each ensures you have plenty to share. Made with high potency, terpene rich indoor flower always organic. Simply the best the plant has to offer you deserve it. The Lobo Hemp Wolfpack has a 7 individual 1.2 gram pre-rolls. 8.4 grams of flower total. Made by our professional rollers 8.4 grams of premium hemp flower Hemp paper cones 100% pure product lab tested with every batch Legal in 50 states

  • Potencies: 0  THC| 0  CBD