Colorado Cures - Tincture - 1000mg Full Spectrum All Natural 30mL

UPC: 682541942706

Category: Tinctures

Description: This 30mL UV coated tincture bottle contains approximately 1000mg of alcohol-free Full-Spectrum CBD Oil with no added ingredients for flavoring. The UV coated bottle serves to protect the ingredients from light exposure that otherwise would be damaging. Extracted from Sativa Hybrid Flowers and sourced from our own Hemp farm in Colorado, our CBD oil is designed with a well-balanced blend of MCT Coconut Oil for a uniquely enhanced experience. Specifically formulated to maximize the effects of natural qualities and herbal properties, this Solvent-free and deliciously All-Natural Full-Spectrum CBD oil contains our most comprehensive ingredient profile with over 113 cannabis compounds to include a slight trace of THC for maximum benefit. Our herbal CBD oil is most effective when consumed sublingually (under the tongue) and used daily.

  • Potencies: 0  THC| 0  CBD